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Call Us Now Why Enzed

At ENZED, we understand how hard you work. But, we also understand your equipment needs to work hard too, and you can't afford it to stop. So, when a hydraulic hose or fitting let's go, you need to trust there's someone close by to get you back up and running fast.

With the largest dealer network across the country, ENZED ensures we meet your needs quickly and efficiently, with precision-engineered solutions, not just products. So, whether you're looking for rigid or flexible hoses, assemblies or fittings, your local ENZED has the answer.

Coupled with an extensive HOSE DOCTOR network of over 200 strong, no matter where you are, what industry you're in, ENZED offers knowledgeable support, innovative products and solutions, all delivered by professionals who value your business.

A complete range of hoses and fittings

We stock a comprehensive range of hydraulic, industrial and pneumatic hose and fittings, from rigid and flexible hoses to assemblies and fittings.

ENZED Service Centres also offer a wide range of filtration products, hose assemblies, tubing, filters, O-Rings and more. So no matter which hoses and fittings you need, your local ENZED Service Centre has the solution.

Trusted advice

ENZED is Australasia's longest-serving provider of hose and fitting services. Committed to delivering excellence and with 50 years in the business, ENZED is the trusted name in the market.

The ENZED team are trained specialists in hose and fitting replacement. We pride ourselves on the service we deliver and the expert advice we can offer. Our goal is to get you up and running and keep you running - minimising your business' downtime.

Custom hose assemblies and fittings

Got something a little different from the rest? Well, that's where ENZED can help. Our trained specialists can guide you through the selection process or even build a custom hose assembly to order.

We can assemble just about any combination of hydraulic hose and fitting combination to suit your specifications while you wait - either in-store or onsite.

We work hard, to keep you you going

At ENZED, we know you can't afford to stop, so when a hydraulic hose or fittings lets go, you need someone to come to you and fast.

On-call 24/7, an ENZED HOSE DOCTOR helps maintain plant and equipment efficiently and ready to service and replace all types of industrial and hydraulic hose and fittings.

Arriving onsite with a fully stocked vehicle equipped to assemble, repair or replace hoses and fittings onsite, HOSE DOCTORS offer on the spot solutions and faster repair times.

Tag and track, a critical solution

Parker Tracking System (PTS) is a proprietary solution for our ENZED clients who demand reliability.

PTS tags and tracks your hoses and parts and is the simple way to record, manage and retrieve asset information. Real-time access to data enables reliability-centred maintenance - before a critical failure occurs.

This innovative system provides fast and accurate product information to allow the ordering of tagged products sight unseen, reducing transaction time and improving productivity.

Keeping you CONNECTED

ENZED CONNECTED provides time-critical information to assist decision makers in delivering projects on time. Losing productivity due to product failure can not only cost businesses thousands in lost revenue but inhibit the project's timeline.

CONNECTED has removed the stress and uncertainty onsite with real-time updates sent direct to customers, advising them when an ENZED HOSE DOCTOR will arrive. Having this information available enables critical business decisions and avoid costly business disruptions.

Parker products

ENZED uses only genuine Parker product for its quality and reliability. Parker product is designed and developed with comprehensive engineering and manufacturing expertise gained over years of industry experience by the world's leading motion and control product manufacturer.

With a solid commitment to local manufacturing and a comprehensive range of Parker Hannifin products manufactured in Wodonga, Victoria, ENZED can offer its customers quality, reliability, and service.

Undertaking preventative maintenance can reduce costly downtime.

You can’t afford to have your equipment sitting idle, and early diagnosis of a problem should be your primary objective. Lost production is lost profits, whether it is a piece of mobile construction equipment or an automated industrial assembly machine.

Momentary pressure spikes and flow surges that other conventional mechanical measuring devices do not recognise can unexpectedly destroy both components and systems. Testing can identify potential problems that could cause major hydraulic or lube oil system failures and can perform these tests in-store while you wait. Contact your local ENZED Service Centre to find out more.

Inventory efficiency for critical supply

ENZED onsite mobile containers are installed on your job site to ensure real efficiency of service, product supply and support.

Onsite mobile containers are the perfect solution for customers with limited access to critical replacement parts, physical or logistical worksite constraints fabricated to withstand the harshest environments, remote areas, and industrial job sites.

Designed and fitted as workshops with customised technology fabrication and inventory solutions, all based on your site requirements, an ENZED on-site mobile container can significantly reduce equipment and labour downtime. Keeping your operations up and running longer and more efficiently.

Deployment of our HOSE DOCTOR personnel can be permanently onsite or as required with remote convenience.

The ENZED onsite mobile container is easy to install in any location and is setup for immediate use, keeping you productive and profitable.

Risk Management

ENZED offers a wide range of specialised services; one of those essential services is hydrostatic pressure testing. This testing is performed on hose assemblies to comply with MDG41 and to manage the risks associated with fluid power systems.

ENZED Hose Audits can assist in identifying potential issues before failure occurs, in turn minimising unscheduled maintenance and downtime.

ENZED offers a wide range of products that are second to none.

Businesses rely on mechanical machinery to operate fast and effectively, and it makes no sense to risk ongoing operations with low-quality hoses or hose fittings.

ENZED recommends and stands by genuine Parker products. As part of the Parker Hannifin global network, we draw on world-class fluid connections, and as a result, we can provide relevant and up-to-date solutions. What's more, the international relationship brings stability and breadth of a high-quality product which is unsurpassed in Australasia.


We supply world-class fluid connection and motion control technology. Our products are the best available and are developed using all the latest technology. As part of the global Parker Hannifin network, the research and development of our products gives us relevant and up-to-date solutions to meet our customers needs that is unsurpassed anywhere else.

Automotive Hose Assemblies

We can manufacture power steering and air conditioning hoses for just about any make or model, at a fraction of the cost of a new replacement. We stock hose's suitable for Fuel, coolant, oil and heater hoses. We also specialize in stainless turbo oil feed lines, turbo drain lines and turbo water lines.

Hydraulic Oil Filtration

Did you know that most hydraulic problems are caused by dirty oil? Enzed® Welshpool now offer on site mobile oil filtration.The Parker portable filter carts are the ideal way to prefilter and transfer fluids into reservoirs or to clean up existing systems. The Parker portable filter cart uses two high capacity Moduflow™ plus filters for long element life and better system protection. The first stage (inlet) filter captures larger particles, while the second stage (outlet) filter captures finer particles or removes water. A rugged industrial quality gear pump gets the job done fast. With the on board icountPD ( Intelli-Cart™ option) we can detect low, medium and high contamination levels. We can also filter your existing oil to an acceptable ISO cleanliness at a fraction of the cost of replacing the oil.

Ultra Clean Sealing Caps

To help combat hose contamination Enzed® hose assemblies are cleaned and sealed to prevent contamination in a hydraulic system. This contamination, if left in the hose can cause breakdown and component failure. Common contamination in hose assemblies includes such things as rubber particles, metal particles, contaminated oil, moisture, dirt, etc. 

Hydraulic Oil

We stock a full range of hydraulic oil in Grades 32, 46 and 68. All grades are available in 5L, 10L and 20L drums. We also stock 1L bottles of power steering fluid.

Brake Hose Assemblies

We can manufacture direct OEM replacement brake lines for just about any make or model including motorbikes. We can also offer a braided brake line upgrade, all braided brake lines comply to ADR42/04 FMVSS106 below are the benefits of upgrading to braided brake lines.  

  • They are the latest in Style and Performance - the New Industry Standard.
  • Hoses are made with the finest quality stainless steel braided tube.
  • Improved safety with enhanced performance.
  • Can reduce braking distance during a panic stop.
  • Eliminates pedal sponginess under firm/heavy braking.
  • Allows immediate brake pedal response.
  • Increases brake efficiency.
  • Abrasion and corrosion resistant.
  • Compatible with ALL brake fluids

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

With our new state of the art pressure tester we can now offer hose pressure tests up to 21,000psi. All pressure tests are tested to Australian standard AS1180.5 and based on ISO 1402:1994 each hose tested is supplied with a unique id number and individual pressure test certificate. If you require a more in depth pressure test we can also offer full data logging via our additel 681 Data logger and software. 

Hydraulic Hoses & High Pressure Hoses


Hose Fittings & Quick Couplings


Seals & O-Rings






Filters, separators & Purifiers


Equipment & Accessories


Oil & Lubricants


And our product range is vast, it includes:

  • Rubber Hose
  • Power Steering hoses
  • Air conditioning hoses
  • Turbo oil Feed lines
  • PVC Hose
  • Ducting Hose
  • Layflat Hose
  • Metal Hose & Composite Hose
  • Quick Connect Couplings
  • Hose Couplings & Fittings
  • Hose Nozzles & Hose Reels
  • Hydraulic Hose & Fittings
  • Thermoplastic Tubing, Hose
  • Brass Fittings & Valves
  • Quick Couplings
  • Tube Fittings, Adaptors
  • PARKER Hydraulics
  • PARKER Pneumatic

How can we help

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