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With the knowledge of your friendly, TAFE qualified HOSE DOCTOR® at your local ENZED® Service Centre, you can receive expert advice 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

ENZED®’s products and services can be applied to a wide variety of transportation applications, with a comprehensive product portfolio that includes hoses ranging from medium pressure hydraulic hoses to PVC rubber and thermoplastic hose products. As a result, any untimely breakdown can be repaired or replaced quickly and efficiently.

From D.O.T and FMVSS approvals for air brakes to CNG applications, ENZED offers a broad range of products and services available for trucks, buses, trains and much more. From everyday light duty automotive applications, through to rail and off-highway heavy duty applications you’ll find ENZED hose and fitting components are the right choice whatever your needs may be. Regardless of whether you need relief valve or a brass pipe fitting, you can be sure ENZED® will have the expertise and products to ensure the job is done right.


  • PVC Hose PVC Pressure and Suction hoses from size 5mm to 50mm ID for applications up to 580psi
  • Rubber Hose Rubber Pressure and Suction hoses from size 6mm to 200mm ID for applications up to 735psi
  • Tubing Poly Tubing Imperial & Metric, FEP tubing, PFA Tubing, Oxygen Tubing, Coiled Tubing, Nylon


  •  Hydraulic  Thermoplastic hoses from sizes 1/8" to 1" ID for pressures up to 5000psi. Thermoplastic hose provides a light weight and flexible alternative to rubber hose for pneumatic and hydraulic applications. Thermoplastic hose is suitable for applications in material handling, agriculture, aerial lift equipment and many more.
  • Waterjetting Thermoplastic wire reinforced hoses from sizes 1/8" to 1-1/4" ID for pressures up to 55,000psi suitable for sewer cleaning, high pressure tube cleaning and ultra-high pressure water jetting applications.

Low pressure fittings


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