A thank you from Pete Caughey.

September 21, 2012


A quick note to say a HUGE ThankYou for your support of the 5 teen boys that took part in The Apprentice; 5 day course. During the week the boys were teamed up with a mentor as they went round a variety of worksites, including a day with the PCR/ENZED race team, having hands on experiences and being inspired about what they could do with their lives.

Throughout the week they were presented with 3 key values; Respect, Responsibility and Resilience and explored the boys strengths, passions and values in order to help them find what excites them.


Some of these young fellas have had a tough start to life, but they soon warmed up to their Mentors and thoroughly enjoyed their time.

They had to earn their ‘ENZED/Apprentice to the World Champ’ caps that you kindly donated. We set up two 20L race fuel churns and had them pour 20L of water from a full churn into an empty churn via a funnel. They did this in pairs as they found there were a number of techniques required to achieve the 64second maximum time limit we established. By the time they’d explored and tested different techniques, the fastest time was just over 60 seconds and this gave them a great sense of accomplishment.

As you can see in the attached pic, they wear their caps very proudly.

Other activities during the week included, Stark Engineering (boat building/cranes), carpentry (made a wooden tool box each), painting/plastering.

Some of the comments received from those involved:

“The best week of my life”(One of the boys).

“Thank you so much for doing this for _____ it was exactly what he needed” (Parent).

“Probably the most effective and rewarding youth programme I have ever been involved with” (Mentor).


Overall, it was a very rewarding event to be involved with, especially to see the change in the boys attitudes while they were with us.

Kind Regards,

Pete Caughey


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