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Franchisee Testimonials

ENZED Testimonials: New Zealand

Paul Dewar, ENZED Central Districts

I have been part of the ENZED network for over 35 years, and an ENZED Franchisee for 30 years. It has been an exciting journey.

We started with a small regional Service Centre and with the help of ENZED have grown to having 3 Service Centres and 9 HOSE DOCTORS servicing the lower North Island.

We have been able to grow our business without sacrificing the quality of service we provide to our customers due to the ENZED system and the vast range of Parker products which are of the highest quality possible, making it a great combination.

If you need a hose made or a hydraulic repair done contact someone in the ENZED network, you won’t be disappointed.

Russell Thomas, ENZED Otago

The great part of being an ENZED franchise is the involvement and association of such a long standing, well-recognised and powerful national brand and all the benefits this brings to my business. 

The addition of the sales and marketing support provided makes a real difference on the ground and offers the peace of mind I have that consistent backup and technical support which is a real benefit to driving sales and better business performance. 

I enjoy working closely on a day-to-day basis with our HOSE DOCTORS to help support their businesses and setting them up for success.  Our HOSE DOCTORS are passionate about their work and motivated individual business owners that pride themselves on providing a quality service to back up the quality engineered product solutions only ENZED can offer in the market. 

We’re testament that the franchise business model works and give everyone a voice as we all have a vested interest in ensuring everyone’s success.

ENZED Sponsorship: New Zealand

Shane Dewar, Dewtec Motorsport

Dewtec Motorsport are proud to be partnered with ENZED. 

Through the partnership and support of ENZED we have travelled the country racing speedway.

With ENZED on our side we climbed to the pinnacle on minisprint racing in New Zealand becoming the national champion.

And we were honoured when ENZED came with us on our journey into Midget racing this year and look forward to continuing the journey with them.

Michael Thorley, Custom Drift

I am proud to be backed by ENZED.

Drifting is all about putting on a show for the spectators. It’s putting yourself and the car on the line for them. That’s why partnering with ENZED is a great fit and means a lot to me.

ENZED are focused on the customer first and foremost. Ensuring they deliver quality and I am proud to represent a company so focused on achieving customers’ needs that support their business.