June 05, 2014

This year ENZED Total Hose and Fitting Service will play naming sponsors for four rounds of the National Excavator Operator Championship season. An extremely popular event within industry, the competition is run though the New Zealand Contractors Federation which ENZED is also a proud contributing member of.

ENZED will be naming partner to NEOC rounds in the Waikato (Fieldays June 13/14), Auckland (Big Boys Toys 7-9 November), Canterbury (Canterbury A&P Show 12-14 November), and Finals held in Manawatu (Central Districts Fieldays March 2015). Since the inception of the national event in 1995, competitors ranging from experienced professionals to younger industry members looking to gain experience have been battling it out for the title of Best Multi-skilled Excavator Operator of the Year. The New Zealand Contractors Federation says that the competition “is held to recognise and promote excellence of excavator operators within the civil construction industry by demonstrating skills and expertise through competition”.

Over a whole year, more than 350,000 people will be audience to the competitions. With the nature of the events where competitions are held, most commonly Field Days the audience will range from industry professionals to general public.

Operators are put through a variety of challenges. Some tasks are designed to promote safe work practises and demonstrate the ‘real world’ skills of excavator operators. These include traversing a trench and lifting and relocation of a manhole cover. Other tasks are oriented toward being fun and unusual, to test control skills and engage spectators; such as pouring a cup of tea or opening a beer bottle using an excavator.

As part of the contest, operators are required to demonstrate their knowledge of regulations related to Occupational Safety and Health, First Aid, Land Transport regulations and industry hazards. Having completed this, operators are then required to manoeuvre a 12-tonne excavator through the course - completing tasks that demonstrate skills required by the industry of an excavator operator while also avoiding known hazards.

ENZED Marketing specialist Tere Strickland says “it’s a great partnership that allows us to show our intense support for the contracting industry, and we’re excited to be backing the Championship in its 20th consecutive year.” The finalists from all regional competitions go forward to compete in the National Final, held in Fielding every March. At this two-day event the reigning National Champion (currently two-time title holder Brian Hoffmann from Auckland) will compete against the regional finalists for the position of “Best Multi-skilled Excavator Operator of the Year”.

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