What's involved?

Satisfaction and rewards for a job well done

Being an ENZED® HOSE DOCTOR® means enjoying a great sense of job satisfaction from getting customers back in business after there's been a breakdown.

No two days are exactly the same for a HOSE DOCTOR, and service call outs are to many and varied locations, where identifying the problem, selecting the appropriate hose and fittings from your fully equipped service vehicle and replacing the damaged hose components are all part of the job.

There’s opportunities for working on a huge range of machinery in vastly different locations - on-site, in factories, production plants, maybe on forestry equipment, big rigs, even ships! - anywhere hoses and fittings are used.

Because every day is different, there’s a need to be flexible with working hours and when customers have a problem, they need it fixed fast. And they know calling in a HOSE DOCTOR makes more sense than having expensive machinery and equipment sitting idle.

Being an ENZED HOSE DOCTOR is all about satisfaction - the satisfaction from your customers, the personal satisfaction that comes from resolving difficulties, not to mention the satisfaction of owning, managing and growing your own business, along with the ability to determine your own work style, income and future.

As an ENZED HOSE DOCTOR the rewards for hard work and determination are clear.

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